Create a Healthy Happy Home with a Clean Kitchen



Cleaning your kitchen is the first step to creating a healthy and happy home, so let’s get to cleaning! The best piece of advice that I can give you to help with keeping your kitchen clean so that you don’t have to deep clean is to always clean up after every meal and do a wipe down of counter tops, a quick vacuum of the floors and leave no dirty dishes for overnight… with that said, it’s good to do a deep clean of your kitchen at least once a month.

When cleaning any room in your house, it’s helpful to start from the top and work your way down to save time, so in the kitchen you should start with dusting of any light fixtures and the top of your cabinets. While working on your cabinets, take a look and if they have fingerprints, use a wet terry cloth rag and wipe them away. If you have wood cabinets then a wipe down with your rag should do. 

Next, we’ll work on your appliances, starting with the microwave. Using a microwaveable bowl, place an equal amount of water to white vinegar. Squeeze half a lemon as well and then microwave on high for 4 – 5 minutes. When this is complete, carefully remove the bowl and then take a damp sponge to remove any gunk. You should be able to clean the inside without using much elbow grease as the vinegar solution should have softened all the grime. With the inside nice and clean, you’ll want to clean the outside as well with a damp cloth and then dry to polish. If your microwave is stainless steel, make sure to wash and dry in the direction of the grain. (Don’t forget to clean your microwave plate).

With the microwave done, let’s move on to your refrigerator. Start by taking everything out, including shelves and storage bins. Do the same with your freezer. Unplug the unit and then move it a few inches forward so that you can vacuum any dust and dirt behind. Plug and push back in. Wash all your shelves and storage bins with some warm water and dish detergent, dry and place back inside. If you have an ice dispenser tray soak it in vinegar for a few minutes, then scrub the white mineral deposits off it, dry and then place back inside. Start placing your items back inside, making sure to get rid of anything that’s past the expiration date.

Next, let’s get to the counters. Create a sanitizing spray by mixing 1/4 – 1/2 cup vinegar per cup of water and placing in an empty spray bottle. To give it a nice smell, use some essential oil (which also can increase your solution’s antibacterial properties). Use your newly created spray on your counters and then wipe with a cotton cloth. Don’t forget to clean beneath and behind all items on the counters.

Let’s tackle your oven now… the process to clean depends on the type of oven you have. If it’s gas stovetop, take all the pieces off and put them into your sink, which you should fill with hot, soapy water. Use a wet SOS pad for the  stovetop but be gentle to avoid scratching. get off the remaining buildup. You can use the SOS pad on buildup on the stovetop as well, but be careful! It can easily scratch. A regular electric stovetop can be treated the same way. With a glass top, DO NOT use an SOS pad; instead get a non-scratch pad to use for your glass top or use a cotton rag. 

Almost done… we only have the floors left, woo hoo! Vacuum your floors – if you have one with a detachable wand, use the edger tool to get the corners of your kitchen and under cabinets and your refrigerator. With the floor vacuumed, you’ll want to mop. I like to use a steam mop as it’s good for getting rid of dirt and grime without the use of any harsh chemicals, but if you only have a regular mop, you can use hot water mixed with vinegar and some essential oil.

Enjoy your clean kitchen!





Fun Ways To Clean The Home

Getting Family Involved Fun Cleaning

Almost everyone wants to have a clean home, however getting it to that state can be a bit of a chore. Both stay-at-home moms and those who have a job outside the home have busy schedules that typically limit the amount of time available to clean the home. Some people hire a housekeeping team or private housekeeper to clean for them (if you’re located in Baltimore, check out Cathy’s Cleaning) but if you don’t, here are a couple of tips to making cleaning your home seem less tedious and more fun, allowing you to get your family involved and therefore needing to spend less time!

Get the Family Involved

Cleaning shouldn’t be the task that just mom handles – instead, every member of the family should help. Cleaning is a great vehicle to teach children responsibility. Rather than just giving them instructions and walking away, why not interact with them one-on-one so that they are getting some personal attention and feeling the importance of the task that you’re giving them.

Create a Theme

Birthday parties and other special events typically have some type of theme to tie the events together. Why not do the same thing for home cleaning? Creating a theme for cleaning your home allows what would otherwise seem mundane and boring, into something fun and exciting. For example, do a movie’s theme, allowing everyone in the family to dress up as their favorite movie character. Make a soundtrack of some of the top songs from those movies and even try talking like the characters that you are portraying. The point is to make things easygoing and silly, so that your kids and family forget that they’re actually doing work.

Skate to Clean Floors

Take some old towels and turn them into your cleaning towels. Then take the towels and have everyone dump them into some hot, soapy water, after which have the wet towels used as skates. Your kids will love gliding along the floor and the best part is your floors will get cleaned at the same time. To dry the floor, you can do the same thing with dry towels.


You can typically pair other types of tasks while cleaning. For example, why not get some exercise – strap on some ankle and/or wrist weights while you clean the counter tops or bathroom sink. If exercise isn’t you thing, try getting a book on tape or perhaps try learning a foreign language via audio tracks. If you have a tablet, you can prop it up and watch your favorite TV show while doing your cleaning chores. By getting your mind off the actual task of cleaning, you’ll find that you’ll end up doing more.