Reduce Allergens in the Home by Cleaning

Did you know that by setting up a regular cleaning schedule and thoroughly doing some housekeeping you can reduce indoor allergens? The following tips from Dr. Mardiney, an allergist from Maryland, can help people with reducing allergens in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the home which in turn should minimize the risk of developing allergy and asthma symptoms.

If you have an exhaust fan, make sure to use it while cooking to remove fumes that can cause irritation to your lungs and induce asthma attacks for those with asthma symptoms.

Make sure that all garbage gets placed in a trash bin with an insect proof lid to prevent roaches and rodents from rummaging around. This will help to make sure that there aren’t any droppings in your home which can be an allergy trigger. You should also try to vacuum the kitchen on a daily basis to get rid of any crumbs that could attract insects.

Your refrigerator is a great place for mold growth due to moisture and old food so make sure that you wipe up excessive moisture and discard food that’s well past it’s expired date. Store all food in sealed containers (including pet food). Regularly empty and clean the dripping pan and clean.

Get bed bust and dust mite proof covers that you can use to cover your pillows, mattresses and box springs. On a weekly basis, you should wash all sheets, blankets and comforters in a hot wash of at least 130 F (54 C) which will kill any dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria. You may want to choose bedding that’s made of synthetic materials as opposed to those that are feather or down-filled.

If you have carpet in your bedroom, you may want to remove it as hard surface floors are easier to clean and don’t collect allergens in nearly the same amount as carpets do. If you don’t want to get rid of your carpet, then you should vacuum often to pick up dust, dust mites, and other debris.

BathroomSame advice above about removing carpeting and instead using tile, vinyl, wood or linoleum flooring. Get washable rugs and make sure to wash on a weekly basis in a hot wash of at least 130 F (54 C).

After using your shower, make sure to use a cleaner that prevents mold build up. Also get shower liner that’s mold resistant. Any curtains or rugs that develop mold should be thrown away and replaced.

Scrub mold from plumbing fixtures of your toilet and underneath the sink. If you have any leaks, repair as soon as possible to prevent mold growth.

One thought on “Reduce Allergens in the Home by Cleaning

  1. I usually also use steam cleaning to reduce allergens in my house, and has had very positive results. I will continue to follow your fantastic blog. thank you very much

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