Securing Your Christmas Tree Against Cats

With Christmas coming up in a few days, I figured for all my readers out there with feline friends, it might be a good idea to post some tips on having a happy and fun Christmas for you and your kitty as most cats just can’t resist the allure of a Christmas tree, eyeing them with equal parts wide-eyed wonder and mischievous delight.

A Tree of Dangers

If your cat is likely to be the type that will attempt to conquer your tree in much the same way King Kong did the Empire State Building, then you should consider picking out a smaller tree in case it gets toppled. Of course, some people may not feel the Christmas cheer without a large tree in which case you should try the following methods of securing your Christmas tree against cats:

  1. Consider wrapping tinfoil around the base of your tree and the first few branches as most cats don’t like the feel of aluminum which may put them off to climbing the tree.
  2. Spray the tree with a citrus type scent. You can get yourself a blood orange essential oil and put a two or three drops in with water, before spraying your tree. The smell will be unpleasant for many cats but will be fresh and citrus-like to you.
  3. Try investing in a sturdy, wide base for your tree to reduce the possibility of toppling. A good base will last you years and should have an adjustable size so that you can fit almost any Christmas tree that you get.
  4. Using a screw and some fishing line, secure your tree to the ceiling.
  5. Place the tree away from possible ‘launching pads’ like a shelf, counter, sofa, etc. to prevent your cat from bypassing some of these steps.

One thing to note about real Christmas trees is that pine needles can be toxic to cats and can puncture internal organs if eaten, so keep an eye out to make sure your cat isn’t eating what it shouldn’t… if it is, consider getting yourself an artificial tree. Also, make sure to vacuum any pine needles on the floor as they can hurt kitty’s paws if stepped on.

All Wired Up

Depending on how young your cat is, the wires may be a tempting chew toy for your cat. It’s extremely important that you prevent electric wires from being punctured as they can potentially be a deadly hazard for your furry friend as well as possibly be a fire hazard.

Electric wires leading to the tree should be covered well and using “bitter apple” on the wires can serve as extra chewing deterrent.

Leaving Tinsel Town

Cats just love long, stringy things like tinsel… you should at the very least avoid having tinsel at eye level, but if you can, it’s recommended (of course if you know your cat isn’t the type to eat tinsel, then feel free to go crazy with it) that you don’t have any type of ribbon, yarn or other stringy material on your Christmas tree as in a worst case scenario it can lead to an obstructed digestive tract which will require surgery.

Dirty Water

Make sure that the water supply for your tree is covered and always fresh… tree water that has additives can contain preservatives and other harmful elements that can cause vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea. Even if you use plain water without any preservatives, as time passes on, the water becomes stagnant and builds up bacteria which can also be harmful to cats.

If you have a cat, share what tips you recommend for keeping your cat away from the tree.


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