Speed Cleaning Tips

Using a home cleaning service can be a great short-cut to getting your home organized and cleaned, assuming that your household can fit it in within the budget. But what do you do if your budget doesn’t allow you to absorb the cost?

How about trying some of these speed cleaning tips from the pros!

Paid cleaning services are masters of the art of speedy, efficient cleaning. Watch professional cleaners at work: they don’t waste time, cut corners or dawdle over the job–and they know how to clean fast, clean right so here are a few tips that’ll help you with getting your home clean in a jiffy.

Keep Cleaning Supplies In A Convenient Location

This is huge… If you have to go upstairs to get your mop to clean the floors downstairs, there’s the potential of getting distracted and then forgetting to finish your cleaning. That’s why you should keep everything you need to clean the upstairs bathrooms handy right there in the bathroom to eliminate chances of being distracted!

Extend Your Reach

You’ll want to look at investing in a 25 or 50-foot extension cord for your steam cleaner, vacuum and any other cleaning device that needs an outlet. By having an extension cord, you’ll be able to clean the home without wasting time going around your home unplugging and replugging your home cleaning device.


Cleaning will go faster if you can get rid of all the clutter… you don’t want to start putting the clothes that are on the floor away while you’re vacuuming the floor. Make sure that you have a spot for personal things. A special shelf for all your small papers, keys and wallets; laundry basket for all the dirty clothes; etc.Two Hands Better Than One

If you are lucky enough to have two able working hands, then make it count; don’t act as if one of your arms is in a cast. For example, spray the bathroom tub with one hand while the other uses a scruber or spray a mirror with one hand and wipe down with the other. And since two hands work better than one, four hands are better than two… if you have a significant other or kids, you should have them help with the cleaning as it shouldn’t be your sole responsibility to make sure that the entire household is organized and clean.


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