Homemade Makeup: Learn how to make lipstick, face powder and more!

It only takes a couple of simple ingredients and you can make lipstick, foundation and even mascara. It’s also fairly simple using ingredients such as arrowroot, cinnamon, cocoa, charcoal and coconut oil.


This post is for all of you who enjoy the smoothing effects of foundation but want it be able to make your own for financial reasons and for the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are putting on your body.

Ingredients (Base):

  1. Arrowroot Powder

Ingredients (Color)

  1. Cocoa Powder
  2. Nutmeg
  3. Cinnamon

Start with a base of arrowroot powder (you can also use rice bran powder, corn starch or orris root powder) and then slowly mix in color until you get the shade that fits you.  Not a lot of precise measuring, just keep playing around until you get a powder that fits your skin tone. Keep a pen and paper and track measurements to make it quicker the next time you need to make your own foundation. Store in a jar or old powder container and use a brush to apply.

If you prefer to make a liquid foundation, check out the video below:

Transluscent Face Powder

Given the option of being able to purchase the very popular Bare Escentuals’s Mineral Veil for $20.00 or being able to make it yourself for about a few cents worth of ingredients, many of us would choose to make this our self, especially given just how simple the recipe actually is. Take a look at the photo below, courtesy of Beauty Fringe, which clearly illustrates just how simple this will be.

Mineral Veil Ingredients


  1. 1/2 Teaspoon Cornstarch
  2. 1/8 Teaspoon Powder Foundation (this is optional and used if you want to add a touch of color)


Stir all ingredients together and store in a used (and washed) powder container or a mint tin. Apply with powder brush. Easy! This recipe will give considerable savings and is filler free!


Check out Wellness Mama, the Queen of DIY, for a fantastic recipe to make your own lipstick. The base recipe includes beeswax pastilles, Shea/cocoa butter and coconut oil and then you can customize it with different natural powders, such as beetroot powder for red hues, cocoa powder for brown hues and bentonite clay for a matte texture. You can also customize the scent by adding a drop of your favorite essential oil.


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