Organizing Your Closet for a Cleaner Home

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When it comes to spring cleaning (yes I know we’re already in June, but some of us start this task rather late…) it might be easy to overlook some of the smaller areas of your house, such as the closets.  Although you may be the only one to see your bedroom closet, giving it an overhaul and keeping it organized can make a huge difference, and make getting ready a lot less stressful.  Before you get overwhelmed by this task, here are some easy solutions to keep you organized and to make life a little easier.

  • Define your style
    Before you start with turning that messy closet into a controlled chaos, it’s important to come up with a game plan. Figuring out your style will it make it much easier to get rid of clothes you no longer want or need. Do you wear business casual to work or are you spending the majority of your time in workout clothes? Unless an article of clothing has some sort of sentimental value, if you haven’t worn it in a year, then it’s time to get rid of it.Remember, the end goal of spring  cleaning your closet is to have a less crowded closet full of the clothes that you wear often as opposed to an overstuffed closet with pieces that you never wear.
  • Divide and conquer
    Now that you have a clear idea of what your style is and the type of clothes you’ll want to keep, it’s time to start the first step of cleaning. When people first think about cleaning out their closet and organizing it, a lot of them have the tendency to just pull everything out at once. The problem is, if you’ve accumulated a lot of clothes, it can be a difficult task to get everything cleaned before running out of time or getting bored. When that happens, people tend to just shove everything back in the closet, creating an even bigger mess than before.It’s better if you divide the tasks into smaller projects, so for example on day one you might want to start with all your pants and shirts, and then the next day work on your shoes and objects. Breaking the tasks up will make organizing your closet much easier!
    • Create “give away” and “throw away” piles
      After you have decided what stays and what goes, divide up the pile of clothes you no longer want into two piles; one that can be donated or consigned and the other into a pile that will end up in the trash.  You may want to think about keeping one or two old t-shirts and socks to use as cleaning rags.
  • Upgrade closet accessories
    Get rid of those clunky plastic hangers and thin wire ones that you have from your dry cleaners and upgrade to a set of slim hangers for an instant lift that will have your closet looking like a boutique while giving you more room. You can find affordable hanger sets at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Amazon and Target.  In addition, slim hangers tend to be easier on sweaters and delicate knits as opposed to wire hangers that can pull the fabric. If you can, avoid double hanging items — each garment should have its own hangerIf you’re like me, you may be stacking your sweaters and T-shirts on the top shelves of your closet which can become a mess real quick, especially when those stacks fall over. Check out the Slide N Stax Clothing Organizer. It’s fantastic because it’s a clear, plastic piece with sides and a bottom that fits on the top shelf allowing you to bring that one piece of clothing down when you need it, instead of tipping over your stacked items.If you have the room for a hanging shoe organizer or a back-of-the-door shoe organizer, get one! But if you have overflow, a simple solution is to rubber band your shoes or put them in extra-large Ziploc bags so they stay in pairs, and neatly store them in a wicker basket or laundry bin.Are your scarves wadded up in a drawer, hard to find? Can’t find a belt to go with that outfit you’re wearing? Clear containers with labels are a great solution. Different shapes and sizes can be used to maximize your space.  Use containers to store your winter clothes in the summer, and vice versa.  Store them on shelves or under the bed.
  • Group by color or by type.
    After you’ve sorted through everything and have determined which items you’ll be getting rid and have gotten yourself some new closet accessories, it’s time to  organize the remaining clothing in your wardrobe by color or type, depending on whether aesthetics or functionality is more important to you.  Divide them by dresses/pants/shirts/etc., or by length or by season, or color code them for added visual appeal.
  • Sachets
    Herbs like lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, and balsam can help keep your closet smelling fresh, and cedar can help protect wool from moth damage.  Simply fill a fabric pouch with your favorite scent, and tie it off with a ribbon.

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